How to Defrost Chicken Fast and Safely? Best Ways to Thaw Frozen Chicken

How to defrost chicken fast and safely? To defrost a chicken, you need to increase the temperature of the chicken where it will not remain in a frozen state.

How to Defrost Chicken Fast and Safely? Best Ways to Thaw Frozen Chicken

How to defrost chicken fast and safely? It’s one of the most common questions generally asked by a lot of people. So, today I’m here with some of the best and safer ways to thaw frozen chicken.

To defrost a chicken, you need to increase the temperature of the chicken at such a level where it will not remain in a frozen state. The best practice is to use a refrigerator for that purpose. Because your chicken will be safe in it and it will also cool down the temperature during the defrosting process.

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The chicken is now used to be in the fridge, but it's almost dinnertime. In these settings, food safety is often an afterthought, partially because men wouldn't take foodborne diseases properly until they are the ones who are sick. It just takes a few minutes to know how to better thaw chicken. It will not only improve the taste of your food, but it will also help you feel better afterward.

If you keep the chicken at room temperature, it can be unsafe and can become dangerous for your health. So, let’s dive into the three safest and best (FDA-approved) ways about how to defrost chicken fast.

  1. In The Refrigerator
  2. In The Cold Water
  3. In The Microwave

How to Defrost Chicken Fast and Safe?

You can defrost chicken in the fridge, in cold water or even in a microwave, but it depends on your time and situation. Every process of thawing comes along with some advantages as well as disadvantages. However, you will get a defrosted chicken as a result which is ready to cook.

How to Quickly Defrost Chicken in the Fridge?

The most safest and perfect method to defrost your chicken is to place it in your refrigerator. But remember, it involves some kind of planning which needs to be done in advance. The procedure may take up to 2 days to thaw chicken. Using your fridge is the safest way because it cools down the temperature while the thawing process takes place and keeps the chicken safe from getting too hot.


You need to follow the below-mentioned steps to use this process:

  • Pull out the chicken from the freezer 24 hours in advance the time you have to cook it.
  • The best way is to place the chicken at the bottom area to prevent the other food from dripping.
  • After unwrapping the chicken, keep it a bowl, container or plastic bag. Now, place the bag or bowl having chicken in it in your refrigerator for at least 1-2 days before you take it out for cooking.
  • Check out the refrigerator options, if your fridge is set to 35F, it will take longer to defrost chicken than those which are at 40F.

Such chicken which is thawed using a fridge remains safe to use for a single day and you can also refreeze it again. But remember, refreezing the chicken will result in the loss of some proteins as well as creates extra moisture. So, the resulting chicken will give bad color and poor taste.

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How to Defrost Chicken Fast in Cold Water?

If you have a very short period of time for defrosting chicken, then using cold water is the perfect way. People use it more often to thaw chicken quickly. It takes almost one hour and thirty minutes to complete the process and start making your recipe.


Perform the following steps for that:

  • It is necessary that the chicken is properly sealed before placing it into the water. To prevent the chicken from cold water which may destroy your meal, keep the chicken in a leak-proof ziplock bag.
  • Plunge the bag in a cold water tap and regularly change the water after every 30 minutes to keep the chicken cold.
  • If the bag is 1 pound, it will take more than an hour and half to thaw the chicken completely. But 3-4 pound bags may take 2-3 hours for the process of defrosting.


Before refreezing, you should have to cook that defrosted chicken. Never make a mistake of using hot water for the thawing process. If the water is hot, then put some ice in the water to make it cold before putting the chicken bag in it.

If you want to cut the boneless chicken into smaller pieces. Then first partially defrost it and take it out of the bag and cut the chicken into pieces as you wish. After that, again put the pieces into the bag and place the bag again in the cold water. Now, complete the thawing process and then use the meal to make your favourite recipes.

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How to Defrost Chicken in a Microwave?

Many of the microwave ovens contain defrost options to thaw your meal more quickly. But that’s the least suitable way of defrosting the chicken. If you are having boneless chicken, then it will be the best method of defrosting for you. But for the whole, I will suggest you don’t try the microwave oven for that.


As the food boiled with microwaves makes hot patches, the chances are that your meal may be getting hot from some areas but remain frozen in some other spots. If yes, this will put the meal into the “Danger Zone” temperature (range between 40-140F).


Follow the below steps to defrost the chicken using microwave:

  • To keep the outer part from cooking and the inner area remain frozen, set the microwave options to defrost or 50% power. Also keep in mind to only defrost such amounts of chicken which is required for the cooking.
  • Break down the frozen meal every few minutes if it is in the pieces.
  • To prevent the defrosted chicken from entering the “Danger Zone” temperature. Cook it immediately just after the thawing process is completed.

How long does it take to Defrost Chicken?

You can even defrost the chicken within an hour and it may also take 2-3 days for you to complete the thawing process. It depends on the methods you are using.

If you have enough time, you can use your fridge to thaw the meal which will be done in 1-2 days. But if you have very little time, you can do it in cold water or in a microwave oven.

So, it’s up to you to decide and choose your preferred method according to the time and situation. But if you are defrosting chicken using a cold water or oven, cook the meal just after the completion of the thawing process. Otherwise, your chicken will become unsafe and dangerous to eat.


How to Thaw Chicken Fast?

If some guests are coming to your home or even you have to make something for your family but have a very short time to defrost chicken. The only option for you is to use a microwave oven for the thawing process.


Before placing the meal in the microwave, you have to ensure the amount of chicken because it will impact the time period in the oven. Also check out the meal regularly during the process whether it is thawing properly or not.


I recommend you to only use the microwave if you have boneless chicken because of its thickness. In another way, the microwave oven cooks the thinnest part of the meal first and leaves the thickest area half-frozen.


Some Tips About Defrosting Chicken

Well, we have told you above all the best and quick ways of defrosting frozen chicken. But here are some quick tips which will help you to properly thaw chicken every time:

  • The best practice is to remove the chicken from the freezer and place it in the fridge one day in advance before you plan to cook. You can set a reminder for that if you forget.
  • If you are going to use cold water for thawing, it is suggested to use a thick leak-proof ziplock bag.
  • In the case of a microwave, check out the meal every minute whether the process is going perfectly and the chicken is defrosting. If you notice any opaque or white areas, you should stop the process to keep the meal from drying out.

How to Cook Frozen Chicken?

If you have a very short period of time and don’t have enough to defrost the food. It can be suitable to cook when it is frozen.

However, the amount of time for cooking it may roughly increase by 50% according to the time required to cook fresh or defrosted meat. You also need to make sure that the chicken hits the safe temperature of fully cooked state which is 165°F.

You can make use of a pressure cooker or instant pot to cook the frozen chicken. You should follow some rules when cooking frozen chicken. Don’t use the slow cooker or microwave, because these keep the meal at the safe temperature for too long.


Follow below steps to cook the frozen chicken:

  • First wash your hands properly with the soup.
  • Don’t wash the meal even if it is frozen or unfrozen, because washing the chicken may result in the destruction of the meal.
  • Use a pressure cooker or instant pot to cook it.
  • When the cooking process is done, use a meat thermometer to note the temperature of the meal. If meter reading shows 165F or more, then pull out the chicken.

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Can You Again Refreeze the Defrosted Chicken?

Yes, it is possible to refreeze the chicken which is thawed in a refrigerator. But the situation depends on whether the chicken is still raw or cooked.

In case of defrosting the meal using cold water, you should have to cook it right after the defrosting process. That’s the only method you can safely refreeze it after cooking.

In the same way as cold water, if you do not cook the meal immediately after defrosting it in a microwave oven, it will become unsafe and dangerous to eat. You can’t even refreeze such chicken again in your fridge.

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