Failure- A sign of Success

The biggest weapon to be successful is learning from your failures. Everyone can do mistakes but successful are those who never stop learning and living. Failure is nothing, it helps you in self development.

Failure- A sign of Success

FAILURE: A sign of Success

One of the biggest mistakes we often do is that we live in past and replaying, again and again, the painful and hard things and the bad actions they had done. There is nothing to do but we still think about it and HURT OUR HEARTS because we don’t know how to swallow them.

"To forget and forgive is beneficial to achieve success."

Forgiveness is the act that tells us to release the desire to punish someone for the bad they had done. It is hard to forget and forgive others. 
Thinking about the same things and waste of energy is not beneficial to us.

Few tips on how to learn from Failures:

To learn from failures is your biggest weapon to have success and achieve something bigger than bang on!

  1. Just try to calm yourself and accept your anger.
  2. Don’t be disappointed.
  3. Please learn how to forgive.
  4. Live and let others live.
  5. It’s ok if you know that another person is at fault but you have to do the act of forgiveness.

When you forgive someone you feel like a weight is off from your shoulders and you feel free. 
Mistakes are a part of life please don’t stop living and try to forgive others.

I hope it might help you! 

Have a great weekend :) 

Never forget these words

You are the best, the way you are! 

Keep shining! 

Abeera Ihsan 

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