SELF EVALUATION- A mental therapy

Evaluate yourself is kind of mental therapy which truly allow you to criticize yourself for your BETTERMENT. Give yourself a space and allow to enjoy your own company. Your life is a precious gift, don't waste it.

SELF EVALUATION- A mental therapy

Self Evaluation- A mental therapy

"Garbage out, Garbage in!!

If you want good outputs, watch the inputs."

Recently, these words act as an ointment and heal all my wounds. It feels like if you want your best, you have to act best. 


Self-evaluation is related to self-growth. It means to evaluate yourself and embrace your flaws. It teaches you what is important for you for yourself.

To make yourself happy is your responsibility.

Life is not a bed of roses, sometimes ups and downs are its part.  Some people can't come out of the downs of life and go into depression. 

Well! Your life is a blessing, never waste this precious gift. Evaluate yourself is the fundamental demand of your love for yourself.

It's okay to be not okay.

Sometimes we did with everything and take a break. It's is the best decision you have taken for yourself. Yes, you heard it right!

You must prefer your mental peace rather than anything else.

Some ways for self-evaluation:

Here are some which benefit you for self-evaluation.

  1. Ask yourself what you did by questioning your skills
  2. Appreciate your good time and remember bad times
  3.  Go out of your comfort zone
  4. Make your level of success and try to cross it
  5. Be GRATEFUL and stay confident.

Self evaluate will gives you many benefits which helps in the future.

  • Self-improvement
  • Boost your confidence.
  • Develop communication skills
  • Motivation
  • Make you a positive person.

Everyone in this World has flaws and no one is perfect.

~Stress less, enjoy your best.~

Have a delightful day.

Kind Regards, 

Abeera Ihsan :)

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