SELF COMPARISON- A Recipe for Unhappiness

Most comparison in the world is considered dangerous!! Except for the comparison of improving and health. But wait in our society we need to compare ourselves with others just because he gets good marks why shouldn't I?? Stop compare yourself with others because there is nothing common in you and other people because you are you. You have the potential to conquer the World until you believe that strongly that you are YOU.Be a comparison for a BETTER you!

SELF COMPARISON- A Recipe for Unhappiness

SELF COMPARISION- "A Recipe of Unhappiness"

Have you read these lines;

"Comparison is killer of your happiness.”

Self comparison can impact on your life internally as well as externally.

Your life is a gift from GOD.

Stop wasting your time, focus on what  make your dream into reality rather than comparing. It sounds good.

Yeah it should be!

Do you know?

The danger of comparing yourself to others is you lost yourself.

The big fear of the modern society as if he can do why can’t I do?. In doing so, we lost our inner peace. The most important things in life are internal not external.

Comparison can be motivation and can be destruction as well.

Comparison between people are a recipe for Unhappiness. When we start comparing two students in same class. One may be a future doctor and one may be a future teacher. Both are different and it’s ok. Both can play their role in a good way.

You can’t make anyone happy.

Sometimes when we don’t meet the expectations of others, we feel too bad. We start questioning ourselves. Always remember shape yourself with experiences, not expectations.

5 ways to deal negative self comparison:

Self comparison should be only for better health and self improvement.

Comparison can be a positive exercise which push yourself.

  1. Practice mindfulness by healthy exercises.
  2. Compare your progress with others in order to have better rewards
  3. Start journaling yourself in order to improve your communication skills.
  4. Change comparison into a positive activity by attracting more positive vibes.
  5. Take comparison as a challenge in order to have self learning and development.

The most important thing matters is you. Start thinking about what matters to you is hard.

Playing to someone else game score is easy but play your own game is hard.

You have only one life, enjoy it by self improvement not by self comparison as a recipe for Unhappiness in your life.

 5 instant ways to overcome self comparison:

  1. Be happy for everyone.
  2. Be motivated, not competitive.
  3. Take a break from social media, if you are not feeling well.
  4. Be GRATEFUL and confident.
  5. Stay focused about your dream life.

Be happy with who you are is real power nowadays. Always remember there is no one who is living a perfect life. Everyone is suffering; some people show, some don’t.


Be you and have a great journey of LIFE ahead.

Have a happy life.  


Abeera Ihsan

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