Reasons Behind Losing A Match

To win or lose is part of the game but there can be certain reasons that why this team or player is not performing well. Scoreless or more is not a concern. The thing to concern is a worthy match to play by players and seen by the audience.

Reasons Behind Losing A Match

What, they lose again in the match? But, was not they the best team in the World.

Do you want to know the what is the reason? 

The reasons are some psychological obstacles that a player faces while playing the match.

Psychological obstacles:

There are psychological barriers that affect deeply the human psyche.

These are the psychological factors that affect the human body.

These factors are:

  1. Situational Blocks:

These are the blocks that occur in different situations.

These are the blocks that help the player how to defend, how to get over, and how to make decisions.

For example:

The match was held between PAKISTAN and BANGLADESH.

60% of the match was in Pakistan's favor and 40% was in Bangladesh's favor. The Bangladesh team cannot handle situational blocks and lost the match.

     2.    Burn out:

Due to continuous stress and external overload, and situation blocks, and more responsibilities, a player was unable to perform. Burnout is due to mental and physical exhaustion which is caused by long-term stress.


  • It is caused due to stress and exhaustion when a person is mentally and physically disturbed.
  • It is caused by physical and mental disturbance when the Players are unable to meet their constant needs.

     3.   Lack of interest:

This is the most important factor in psychological obstacles. Some people give over suggestions which cause lack of interest in a person. 

For example:

Some students are not interested in studies and they are interested in sports.

Like a person like parents always for students to learn only science subject notes sports this is how the lake they take less interest in studies and pay more attention to sports which become a major obstacle in children.

      4.  Stoleness:

It is an optical obstacle in which a player tries to copy some other player's style of playing.

Two factors:

It includes two major factors.

  1. One is if a player tries to copy some other player's style might be possible he will lose his own style of playing and get frustrated from playing and stop it because of fear of losing.
  2. Another positive factor is that this player may start playing well in regards to copying someone else.

For example:

If Sarfaraz chooses to copy Shahid Afridi's style, he will never do it might be possible that he will forget his own style of playing.

    5.   Take the match easy: (OVER CONFIDENCE)

It is a psychological obstacle in which the mind is in an overconfident situation.

A player takes himself as an inferior player or a better player in which the player takes the match easy and in many cases, the team loses the match.

For example:

In cricket, as the Australian team is considered a stronger team it is possible that they take the match easy while they were playing with a weak team like Pakistan they will take the match easy and might possibly lose the match.

    6.     Mindset:

It is a term used for managing the team to make their mindsets whether they want to lose or want to win.

This was a very important term named performance order. It is very important to make an order of a team that which player is attacking which will stand at left and right as they are the stronger match for score point of view.

    7.     Continuous performance:

The psychological obstacle involves a timetable to manage their time.

In which time they prefer playing and which time is not as rest.

As continuous overwork can cause many difficulties in team performance as well.

     8.      Palatial in performance:

This factor involves the major psychological obstacle in which Basically it is a breakage in-game and sports in order to lose the match.

It is the biggest hurdle in team spirit.

For example:

if a team needs 75 runs on 25 balls they don't lose their spirit and keep playing this is called real sportsman spirit.

     9.      Anxiety:

The psychological barrier is the root cause of many diseases like depression and stress while playing a game in order of losing the match.

  • It can affect both individuals and other teams as well.
  • Negative can be on a person, maybe he will not play well in the game, due to some mental issues, he can feel fear and stop playing and cause hurdles in playing.

     10.     Stress:

The second stage of anxiety is called stress.

It also involves all the conditions which a player faces during a match.

      11.    Depression:

It is the extreme condition of anxiety in which a player faces problems during a match.

  • It may be personal issues and family issues which can affect his whole game.

While playing the match the depression is a situation that can occur at any time in place somehow most importantly at the particular moment the instructor of that time will notice that point.

     12.     Vitality and fear:

This is the obstacle that causes some superstitions in players about their playing and they start to believe the superstitions like betting on scores, this player is good for batting, etc. Fear is of playing whether they are playing well or bad.

  • If they score less, the management team gets them out of the team.
  • Some players have financial issues as well, they fear and get stressed and it affects their performance.

      13.      Tension:

It occurs when a player starts playing and gets tense because of the high score of the opposing team.

People get frustrated because of losing People give up and become patient of tension which may cause a player mental disturbance.

      14.     Conflicts:

Conflicts will occur when the team has improper management.

The mindset may affect their performance during playing and their mental health.

       15.     Negative thoughts:

Negative thoughts may be about losing the match What will be the reaction of the audience.

When they will see that the team has been lost the match Negative thoughts disturb their performance in the whole match and may affect their health as well.

     16.      Lack of motivation:

  • On the basis of inequality between the players of rich and poor.

It may be possible the instructor motivates the poor one less and motivates more to the rich one.

The instructor will motivate them on the basis of money, not on the basis of performance.

I try my best to explain all the possible factors that may affect the psyche of a player or team. 

Being a sports fan, I want a good performance of a player and a decent match to admire and enjoy.

International Cricket Consuel has started a tournament of Men T-20.

I will suggest you please enjoy these unpredictable matches and stay happy.

Keep shining

Abeera Ihsan

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