Positively Beautiful ! You’re a star— GO SHINE!

Bloom where you’re planted!

Positively Beautiful ! You’re a star— GO SHINE!

I hope this article will inspire you to get stronger, fitter, and leaner so you are
ready to take on any project, challenge, or occasion as a caring and active
member of the world around you. I guess you could say that I want you to find
ways to leave a beautiful mark, change the world, make it better—and feel
beautiful while you’re doing it. (By the way, you will never look more beautiful
than when you are helping others!)
For as long as I’ve been part of the modeling industry (forty years and
counting!), people have been asking me to reveal my “beauty secrets.” I hear
questions all the time like, “What makeup do you use? What’s your skin care
routine? How do you stay so young looking? [Why, thank you!] What do you do
for exercise?” And I promise that these pages will answer all those questions and
that you will learn LOTS of secrets, tricks, and tips for looking and feeling good.
In fact, by the time you’re finished reading this book, you’ll pretty much know
everything I know when it comes to fashion, beauty, food, and fitness! And
while I am not a doctor, nutritionist, fitness guru, hairstylist, or makeup artist, I
have had access to many of the best in these fields. As you read through these
chapters, I’ll introduce you to several experts whose opinions I trust, and ask
them to share their wisdom with you.
I’ll admit that we’re going to cover a lot of so-called “superficial” ground on
these pages—and hopefully balance it out with some ways to buff up your inner
beauty. But c’mon, we all want to put our best face forward, and I promise to
show you how to do that while making it seem as effortless as possible. Because
seriously, these days, thanks to all the social media sites, every day is like a
photo shoot—and you want to be prepared!
But all these skin care and makeup tips are just one part of what I call fullspectrum beauty. And that’s the kind of beauty we are ultimately after. That’s
the kind of beautiful that happens when inner beauty and outer beauty align.
Full-spectrum beauty is that special something that makes a person’s eyes
sparkle with humor, that makes a smile genuine and kind; it’s something in a
warm, hearty laugh that lights up a room. It’s an open hand and heart, lending support to those in need. Full-spectrum beauty is the part of beautiful that comes
from a person’s soul. People have searched the world over to find the fountain of
youth, but guess what—it’s right inside each and every one of us, in our own
heart and soul! THAT is the fountain of youth because that’s the part of beauty
that will never fade. That’s the beauty you want to cultivate.
Let your open heart shine, and, along with a little confidence-boosting polish
from the tips in this book, I promise you will positively rule, you unique and
extraordinary, one-of-a-kind beauty you! Go forth and make this world a more
beautiful place. (And hey, we all know it’s easier to change the world on good
hair days, so read on!)

Change your mind
(and the rest will follow)
Now that we all have our hearts in the right place, let’s talk about the most
powerful muscle in your body—your mind! Well, I’m not sure it’s really a
muscle per se, but its power to influence our health is truly awesome. The mindbody connection is one of the most potent and woefully underused forces we
have at our disposal at all times. But I promise that if you take the time to
harness it, you will reap countless rewards. This is something you can work into
so many aspects of your life. For example, when I’m exercising, I always reach
for the muscle I’m working out and just touch it. My brain tells that muscle,
“Hey, we’re focused on making you stronger.” I’ve done this instinctively for
years, but there’s some evidence to back up my instinct. Making that connection
between your brain and your muscles will actually help you get a more effective
workout. You’ll be surprised what a difference it makes!
Words can also influence your health. Your body is always listening to your
inner voice, so make sure you are always sending it positive messages. My mom
taught me the importance of this early on. When I was just a kid, she would
correct me if I ever said the forbidden, “That makes me sick.” She was
convinced I could actually make myself sick that way! Same thing with “I
can’t.” My mom taught me to say “I choose not to” instead. The point was to
reinforce that I had the power to choose and to be in control of those choices.
That is how I’ve always tried to live my life—think positive, feel positive.
That’s what I’ve tried to teach my children, and it’s exactly the message I hope
to convey to you throughout this article.

The power of a smile
If you’ve ever read any interviews with me, you’ll know I always say that my
best beauty secret is smiling. And not just for the reason you might think. Sure,
someone who’s smiling will always look prettier, happier, and more
approachable than someone who is frowning. But the power of a smile goes
deeper than that. Research has shown that smiling doesn’t just make you look
happy, it actually makes you feel happy. That’s right! No matter what’s going on
in your life, if you simply put your lips into a smiling position, it can release
enough endorphins (the same feel-good chemicals released when we exercise) to
improve your mood. Studies have been done measuring the effects of both
genuine and forced smiles. And results show that even those who were faking
the happy expression had lower heart rates and reported feeling less stressed than
those who weren’t smiling. (So it’s worth faking a smile even when you aren’t
feeling it, because soon you will!) Plus, smiling is contagious. As they say, smile
and the world smiles with you.
Turns out, frowning can affect your attitude too. Frowning sends signals to
your brain that actually depress your mood. In an interesting study, researchers
found that Botox can help relieve depression because apparently, if you can’t
frown, your body does not signal the release of the downer hormones. (To be
clear: I’m certainly not saying you need to get Botox in order to be happy—I’m
also not judging you if you do—but just pay attention to your expressions and
try to smile much more often than you frown.)

Keep your smile healthy by getting regular checkups, and by brushing and
flossing every day. I like Pepsodent and Crest Pro-Health Whitening
toothpastes as a gentle way to keep my pearly whites sparkling. Oral-B
makes my favorite toothbrushes, and I always mix it up with differentshaped brushes since some are better at getting to those back teeth and
some are kinder to the gums. I also love water picks and toothpicks with the
miniature bottle brush on one end.

A positive attitude
So now that we are all smiling, it’s the perfect time to talk about how to cultivate
a great attitude to go along with that sexy smile. As far as I’m concerned, there
really is nothing more important to health, beauty, and your overall well-being
than keeping a positive attitude. It’s a given that everyone will face challenges in
their lives, so we may as well learn from our struggles, challenges, and mistakes.
You know that expression “Smooth seas do not make skillful sailors”? Well, it’s
true. You learn so much about yourself and others during tough times. And what
really defines us is how we get back up after we fall. I have learned to thank the
problems I’ve had for helping me make the acquaintance of a part of me I never
knew. “Hello there, strong lady! Nice to meet you! Where’d you come from?
Well, your timing is impeccable because I need you right now.” (Isn’t it nice to
know you have that strength when you need it?)
There are certainly times during which it’s harder than others to stay positive
and find any shred of silver lining. When my parents were ill, it was excruciating
for me to see them suffering, and I didn’t really know how to cope with that.
When I count my blessings, my family always comes first, and two of my most
cherished people were in pain. But I also knew that I needed to be there for my
kids (my other blessings). So I would focus on doing what I could for my parents
and then go home and appreciate that I had my children and that they were
healthy. It was also a reminder that life goes so quickly, and that every day that
we have each other and have our health is something to celebrate.
I know a lot of women have also gone through struggles similar to those I
had with unhappy marital situations and divorce. It can absolutely drain your
energy and feel almost impossible to navigate—especially when there are kids
involved. You feel very alone, and having to put on a brave face for your
children only increases that sense of isolation. I direct a lot of women to a
website called One Mom’s Battle (onemomsbattle.com). Going on there and
reading about what others are going through makes you realize you’re not alone,
and that no matter what feelings you’re having, you’re not crazy! You can get a
lot of community support that way, and even do it anonymously if you prefer. I
also believe that laughter with friends is the number one cure-all. When you are
going through trying times, don’t be afraid to reach out to your friends. It’s soimportant!
And I think it’s good to acknowledge that sometimes we can actually find
positive motivation in these very negative situations. And that’s not a bad thing!
I went through a very public divorce, and when I would read the ugly comments
written about me online, it inspired me to really pull myself together and make
those naysayers eat their words. For a brief moment, if you need to use
something negative to motivate you to do something positive, that’s okay. I say,
do whatever it takes to not just lie in bed and feel sorry for yourself. As they
always say, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger,” and that’s true as long
as you learn from it, grow, and move on to become more empathetic,
compassionate, and stronger than ever.

Find some inner peace
Taking good care of yourself—through good times and trying ones—must
include time for your spirit too. Meditation is a great example of the power of
our mind-body connection. Study after study has found remarkable physical and
emotional benefits that can be gained by simply spending a few minutes every
day clearing your mind. You can lower your blood pressure, reduce your risk of
heart disease and some cancers, sleep better, and even relieve symptoms of
conditions like asthma. And you don’t have to get all New Agey in order to do it.
Meditation can be as simple as just sitting quietly and focusing on your
breathing for a few minutes. Try to clear your mind, and as it wanders and
thoughts come in and out, acknowledge them, but then bring your focus back to
your breath. You can count your breaths (inhale on one, exhale on two, and so
on) or repeat a word or mantra with every exhale (like “peace” or “love”) to help
you stay more focused. I’ve been meditating on and off since I was thirteen, but
I must admit, I am not a good dedicated meditator. I am more of what I like to
call a “meditation opportunist.” I pull it out in times of trouble, trials, and
tribulations, and on bumpy flights! I add Ujjayi breath and hand mudras and it
keeps me from grabbing my neighbor’s arm with every bump on the plane. I
don’t even care if I look silly doing it, because it really helps me. It is also
invigorating when I’m jet-lagged—twenty minutes of meditating is like getting a
couple of hours of sleep.
I also believe that you can get many of these same benefits from meditating
on the move. In fact, when people have asked me how I’ve dealt with some of
the challenges I have been lucky enough to learn from, that is what I tell them. I
love to grab a camera and walk around looking for beauty. I find beauty
everywhere—from the beach to the woods to the cracks in a city sidewalk! It
fills me up with gratitude and joy, so that there’s just no room for negative
thoughts to fit in. I am transported by the magic and light, and I literally feel
enlightened, both physically and spiritually, by the beauty. There’s a saying:
“When you seek beauty in people, and in all things, you will not only find it, you
will become it.” I do believe that’s true. And I do believe that comes from
having a feeling of gratitude. So since we’re talking beauty secrets here, always
remember: a grateful heart is worth a thousand lipsticks!

Throughout all my good times and bad times—whether I’ve been deliriously
happy, totally stressed out, or even downright miserable—I’ve worked really
hard to see the glass as more than half full. Most of the time, it’s near to
overflowing! Much of my optimism, positivity, and strength comes from being
surrounded by my family. My three beautiful children—Alexa Ray, Jack Paris,
and Sailor Lee—are my greatest blessings and they bring me my greatest joy.
Spending time with them is guaranteed to put a smile on my face!
If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that I’m constantly posting little
quotes and sayings—about 99 percent of which have something to do with an
optimistic outlook on life. They’re great little daily reminders to look on the
bright side and focus on the many things I have to be grateful for. That’s why
I’ve sprinkled them across the pages of this book. If you find a few that speak to
you, copy them, and tape them up on your bathroom mirror, fridge, or anywhere
else you’ll see and read them often. Because the thing about being positive is
that it can be a self-perpetuating phenomenon. The more upbeat you are, the
better you’ll feel.
So I guess all this is to say that this book is here to help you feel like the
brilliant painter of your own masterpiece, the exciting writer of your own script,
the director of your own captivating movie. You’re the star of your own show,
and you should look like it!
Everything in your life is a reflection of
a choice you have made. If you want a
different result, make a different choice.
Making the healthy choices laid out in
this book is a natural part of your
vibrant lifestyle, and it will make you feel
great and look sensational.
You’re a star—

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