Impacts of COVID-19 on Education

Impacts of COVID-19 on Education

Impact of lockdown on Education

“Take time and get an education online because the Covid-19 has cause lockdown


The covid-19 pandemic and lockdown through of the world and especially in Pakistan. It

affected every field of life and it has the most impact on the educational system. This is sudden on

the expected shift from the traditional classroom-based educational system to the online educational system.

the lockdown has given a good opportunity to the students to acquire education through digital



The government makes different strategies to acquire education for the students. A lot of learning

happens through these activities. The extracurricular and co-curricular activities that take place

inside the educational institutions make the students physically and emotionally active and strong.

These activities have stopped because of the norm of social distancing in our society.

Closing of Educational institutions:

Most governments decided to temporarily close educational institutes in an attempt to reduce the

Covid-19. In March 2020, schools, colleges and universities are closed. Its impacts every

student, family, and teacher.


In order to get fewer laws of education different governments to make a strategy and open online

the educational system which is called e-learning.

Different schools universities and colleges make their online system to educate the students as much as they can in order to get less loss of


Online classes started and teachers and the students both learn how to use digital technology.

Challenge of online classes:

This lock dam teaches both teachers and students an online learning system.

Here are some problems:

  • Technical Training of students and teachers
  • Availability of internet
  • Availability of laptops, computers, mobile phones.
  • Distraction from families
  • Mental stress
  • Eyesight issues.

This lockdown brings a lot of problems itself, it has been observed that many college students are

unable to work on their assignment effectively as they do during their classrooms.

Those students who come to cities from villages for education. They don't have internet

accessibility in their areas and  their parents find it better that they may get into the family

occupation rather than in education and they should don't take their life at risk.

“Get an education from the lap of your mother until the death bed.”

Through the Holy Prophet peace be upon him, it is obligatory for every person to get an education. This

saying persuades everyone to get an education by hook or by crook.

Life lessons from this lockdown:

COVID-19 impacted education globally every student is facing the impact and slowly the student gets adapted to new situations.

Students have learned a lot of life lessons and values during this pandemic and long-term.

  • More hygienic
  • Cope up with fewer resources
  • Use of digital media
  • Importance of time
  • Family bonding
  • Significance of life

In future, the present generation students as now are being forced to learn life most valuable

lessons can crisis at this experience of a pandemic.

These life lessons will definitely be helpful and will be e passed on to the next generation.


some measures can be implemented to bring about reforms in the educational system to embrace

digital technology and to encourage the personal development of students and teachers as well.

  1. Every teacher at every level should get trained and gain in-depth knowledge in Information and Communication Technology in order to conduct online classes.
  2. At every level of education, one or two subjects should be imported through the online platform Asif learning through digital media even after the lockdown is lifted.
  3. With time, the educational system should change policies and conduct online quizzes and assignments.
  4. Universities should have information for COVID-19.
  5. Students devote more time to self-learning which increases the soft skills and confidence for the students and also enables knowledge sharing among student communities.
  6.  Promote reading books from a very young age.

The global lockdown education institute is going to close soon. Just we need is to hope that

better days will come back soon.

When we enjoy our classroom learning soon.

Hope our all sufferings get an end we enjoy the classroom activities,

Happy Learning,

Well wishes,

Abeera Ihsan:)

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