To earn much is the want of everyone. without any specific skills, it seems like a joke but you have to WORK HARD. The more you spend your time, skills, energy, and hard work, the more you can earn. All about is to think big and understand some technical stuff.



From any country, without any special skills, you can follow up today and learn how to make at least one thousand dollars per month under the drop servicing business model today it will show you what is drop servicing how it works how to implement it, and how I do it and how if make one thousand dollars per month.


 I am selling a lot of services so when someone buys a service from my website what I do is simply hire a freelancer to do the task for me. I sell this as an example for 59 donors. I pay the freelancer 20 dollars I earn29and so on so the idea is simple to drop servicing is to sell a service.

Drop servicing:

 You don't need to know any skills anything just sell a service when someone buys it freelancer will do it you give him a portion of the earnings and you get the rest super simple it's like drop shipping if you're familiar with and drop shipping you build an online store when someone buys a product.

 You buy it from aliex press you drop-ship it from aliex press and you sell it for the client or the customer you will earn the difference between prices I think the idea is simple to drop service is the same but instead of selling physical products, we are selling digital services.

For example:

 Let’s give an example here is and I search for seo service. You can see here we have a lot of people providing SEO services. let’s suppose we found this one he provides 3500 do-follow backlinks for 26 Canadian dollars.

Anyway what you are going to does to publish a similar service on your website and you can sell it for 50 so you can pay this guy here 26 and you can earn 24, the idea is somehow simple or you can simply go to work.

 Find a freelancer here providing any service you want example SEO again you can sell it and you will earn the price difference between the freelancer cost and the price that you set the idea is simple.



Now the big question you will ask anyone will ask okay if we already have websites like Upwork Fiverr people per hour or all these websites why clients will come to your website instead of these big websites why this will happen the first thing is that freelancing websites like Upwork freelancer a lot of websites especially FIVVER.

 If you open and search for something here you will see a lot of freelancers maybe sometimes thousands of gigs here so you will simply get lost.

  • You need to check their views.
  • You need to test someone.
  • If you want a cheap service and so on while on your website you will have a dedicated website for a service.

Few tips to attract clients:

1. Increase Credibility for clients:

It will give somehow more credibility to the clients that this website is specialized with this service instead of searching on Fiverr for someone and testing and losing money.

2. Psychological perception:

Then testing another one and so on somehow from a psychological perspective, gives some more credibility for clients.

3. Post-pocket-friendly services:

 When you are working in the drop servicing model you will do this job you have to search on Fiverr on OR Upwork for a professional freelancer with the best costs so you can deliver high-quality services to your clients this will also give more credibility.

4. Add testimonials and reviews of previous clients:

 Later especially when you get some reviews and testimonials from your customers, on your website and it shows your skills.

Significance of the promotions:

You will not just publish the website like this and sit down and wait for customers you will never see one you are going to do our promotion. You are going to promote so

  •  People will find you through ads so it's like promoting any product online number.
  • if you already have a website if you have an audience.


In my case, After building it for five years now when publishing service on my website my audience people who know about me who trust me will prefer buying the service from me instead of searching for someone they don't know on other websites so think about it work.


So, now how to start this business

STEP 1- Find your niche

Finding your niche the topic the service that you want to start, in this step you are going to do some content research or ideas research to find the best service that fits you as you don’t need to know anything about this skill or how to do it you will only drop services so what you are going to do into go.

For example:

 Here to as an example search for services like in digital marketing. we have a lot of services here writing and translation video animation lot of services we have here to provide you can take a lot of ideas write them down and so on again on Upwork the same idea we have a lot of categories.

Here you can check anyway do some research and narrow down your research with some topics that you can create a website about now how to select then be stone what you are going to do here is to go to a website


 Free tools online that help you grow and build your business go here to SEO keyword research tool.

For example:

Let’s say you found a service about designing a logo so you go here and say design logo service as an example say search and then the application or this tool will give you the cpc the search volume per month and so on so you can understand how much difficult is to compete with this service so you are going to use this service also you can use the Google ads keyword planner go to Google ads.

Go to tools and settings then go to keyword planner this will help you also.

 Understand what people are searching for!

So you can build the best website the best drop servicing business around the best niche go here and discover new keywords then get results and you can see now like design logo service average monthly searches the cpc bid.

Generate keywords:

 We can see a lot of keyword side as and topics related to this service that we can provide in the drop servicing website a new drop servicing website so you have to do some keyword research some topic research to find the best service to provide online and these metrics will help you a lot especially if you want to run paid ad campaigns.

STEP 2- Build your drop servicing website:

The second step is to build your website drop servicing website of course. in this guide, you are not going to go step by step getting hosting installing the website setting up things, and so on no. This is a guide to show you a step-by-step road map on how to build a successful drop servicing business

For example:

By using word press:

Install word press, let’s open as an example this one edit just to show you how it works so this is the title then you add the service description in detail here then you go down and you select the product data as a simple product the price whatever you add whatever you want here and then you set an image and you publish it and it will here on your website to sell it in your website the idea is simply a simple Google search or YouTube search.

By using PayPal:

 You can see the service and they can pay here with PayPal so here we are we published AND to move to the payment methods how you are going to get paid, let's go back to woo commerce and if you go into settings we have a section for the payment methods you can see the payments section here.

 We have a lot of methods, but two methods are good;

1. The PayPal checkout

2. The coin base to get paid through cryptocurrency which is available almost worldwide

With a coin base commerce solution, you can see This is a website from coin base one of the top cryptocurrency platforms worldwide will help you to get paid on your website with this plug-in.

 Just install it and activate it you can also add woo commerce payments for the credit card so don't worry about the payment methods you can get paid with a lot of methods is available in your country that's enough for now I think the idea is now clear.

 The main question now is

 How to promote and get our first customers?

 Let's see of course we have both free methods and paid methods obviously,

  • Paid methods are faster you can get results from day one but simply it’s paid
  •  Free methods are free but require some more work.
  •  Learn how to get free traffic in short you can use Pinterest, you can use Quora, you can use Facebook and social media.
  • You can create content on your blog on on blogger on code spaces you can create YouTube videos creating content integral profiles.



1. Mailing method- an easy and effective method:

It requires some really hard work. maybe every day to build some audience to get traffic to get clicks to your website and get your first customers but it works the second free method is called mailing if you open your Gmail account your email and install a plug-in called a mask.

 you can see this extension the mask extension. you can simply use Gmail with the mask plug-in explained before in my channel to turn your Gmail account into an outreach email marketing system in this way you can send called emails to potential customers and promote your services.

2. Write your content:

The free method is simply so you can write content on your blog or simply optimize your website to get free organic traffic from Google.


Let’s move on to the paid methods. For paid methods,

1. Google search ads:

The best choice is Google search ads as it told you before when you search for an idea a topic and you find a good idea with some search volume and good CPC. You can simply go into Google ads and create paid ad campaign. A new campaign goes here to website traffic then search traffic entry website click continue and then you add the keywords you want to target to promote your gig.

To make money, you need to understand the technical stuff of online marketing.

I try my best to use easy vocabulary and make it understandable.


Have a motivated day and start earning.

Keep shining,


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