How online social media network changing our lives

The Internet has changed our Earth into a Global Village. We can't imagine our lives without social media. Take the example of the breakdown of Facebook and Instagram.

How online social media network changing our lives

How is online social media networking changing how people interact both offline and

online in today's globalized world?


It is the process of integration and interaction between people States and Nations which has added bi

information technology.

It has increased the movement of people goods capitals and ideas that occur due to increased


Role of the Internet:

The internet has turned our existence and revolutionized communications to a great extend. As we

know, Globalization is a planetary process with has been aided by Social media.

Social media includes

  1. Facebook
  2.  Instagram
  3.  LinkedIn
  4. Amazon
  5. eBay

The increasing number of people are involved and affected the global relationships and flows in global


Social media:

Social media has been transformed and it helps us to get quick access to news. The rise of the internet has

sparked a debate about how online communication affects social relationships. Social media frees us

from geographical features and brings us together in topic-based communities that are not tied down

to any specific area.

It becomes a tool for interaction with each other

Now we can communicate with anyone.

For example:

A Pakistan citizen want to start a business, he will start advertisement through social media networks

and it will help him to get more audience online.

Online Business:

As we know it's Covid 19 and lockdown going on, about 70% of businesses are about to online and start the

the policy of Work from home.

International trade becomes online and becomes easier in different states of the world.

  • We can order our food from MCDONALD’S online
  • We are shopping online.
  • We get an education online from zoom.


Nowadays, due to pandemics, online social media has become easier by Mobile communication.

  • They use social media for entrainment.
  • Quick sharing of information
  • Source of interaction
  • Education

Offline interaction:

Before the pandemic, social media play its role but was not as vital as after it. People can also interact offline by dealing.

• They learn how to use it but they hadn’t depended on it.

Nowadays people I have too dependent on technology, especially on online social media.

“It becomes vital to be on social media.”

Nowadays we need to socialize to get connectivity with the world and for learning as well.

Social media has become a vital tool for exchange knowledge and education.

it also provides channels for cooperating with other people and groups who are working on related topics

For example:

We can search for information on each and everything on google, YouTube.

ONLINE jobs:

There are millions of Jobs available online on different websites. Especially during this pandemic, 

freelancing work has gone to its peak. People have to earn money through online social media by working

online to the computer which has been aided by the internet.

Social media- A Source of stress:

social media also has become a source of stress for people.

  • Fewer signals of internet
  •  Mobile problem
  • Electricity problem
  •  Online availability problem
  • Time problem

For example;

Once there was my class, but there was an electrical problem in Pakistan and the government declare it a

blackout day. Now, our all online activities had been inaccessible which causes depression, anxiety, and

fear of being late.

Let's suppose I am a freelancer and my client is 7 oceans away, there is a time difference between

me and her, I am offline, she needs some information, I couldn’t answer her on social media. She

cancels my work.

Who will respond?

No one.


The causal effect has been established that how social media influence our behavior. It has been seen that if we

are on social media we are happy and if we are offline and we are spending time with our families we get frustrated.

I hope you like it.

We can not imagine our lives without social media because it become an addiction.

Keep in mind,

Excess of everything is bad.

Kind regards, 

Abeera Ihsan :)

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